A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), is an authorization by the company with the aim of receiving a repair, or replacement of an electronic device.

You have to get in contact with our Technical Support: go on our website, and into your User Area you'll find on the right sidebar a dedicated section for technical issues.
Please point out your camera model, its serial number, and the reported issue: our technical staff will guide you through the repair procedure and they will advise you when to request an RMA.

Yes, each product has its single serial number that must be indicated at the time of the request for an RMA number. 
Then you must request an RMA for each unique serial number of each product to be returned. To find the serial number of your product please refer to the question "How do I locate the serial number of an Alkeria product?". 

If for any reason the RMA has to be canceled, you may send an e-Mail to the Sales Dept.:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Include the following:

  • RMA number(s)
  • Reason for the cancellation request
  • Include the RMA number(s) also in the Subject line.

Note that RMAs may or may not be canceled/reversed depending on what stage the RMA shipment is at when the request is submitted.

The correct filling and sending of the RMA form allows a fluid and fast technical and administrative process of the repair of your instrumentation(s), without the need of additional telephone contacts and/or email messages, effectively shortening all the required time.

Please note that is essential to describe the problem thoroughly.

Yes, all returns must be pre-approved by Alkeria. Alkeria will respond with RMA number(s) and a list of units authorized for return, and return shipping instructions.

No, Alkeria does not supply packing material. Customers can use any box.

No, the resulting RMA number(s) must be indicated on the packaging of the returned product. Please be aware that if you return an item without RMA number(s), we reserve the right to reject the return and shipped back to the address of origin.

All Alkeria products have a label placed directly indicating the serial number.

For example, on cameras, the label is placed on the back of the product beside the I/O connector.

All Alkeria products have a 24 months warranty from the purchase date. The warranty covers only the manufacturing defects and not the damages caused by customers. 

In the RMA confirmation email, you’ll receive information about the status of your product (if under warranty or not).

Any RMA number is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. If after this term, we have not yet received the goods, the customer will be required to request a new RMA number.

RMA costs include: shipment, handling fees (non-warranty products only), supplies, and labour.

Steps to send the product(s) back to Alkeria:

  1. Contact Alkeria to ask for an RMA number. You can do this via the web form on our site. 
  2. Alkeria then sends you the RMA number and shipping instructions via email.
  3. Check all information in the RMA form and print it.
  4. Please indicate the RMA number on the shipping documents and outside the parcel in order to simplify our procedure for receiving the material in question.
  5. Do not include material within the shipment that has not been authorized for return. Material sent without proper authorization may be refused.
  6. Returns must be properly packed and sent to Alkeria at the following address: Via Giuntini, 25 int. 36 - I-56021 Navacchio (PI) - ITALY. If the information is complete and correct, we can process your RMA quickly.

Yes, the customer shall be responsible for the payment of any shipping and handling fees in connection with the return of any product(s). We will not accept returns at the expense of the recipient. Delivery to Alkeria is made at the customer’s expense and risk, in accordance with FCA (Incoterms 2020).

The shipment of repaired or replaced products under warranty will be carried out at the expense of Alkeria in accordance with INCOTERMS CPT.
Shipping costs for repaired or replaced products not under warranty will be added to the final cost estimate.

If the terms of the warranty have expired or there’s a failure owing to improper use of the product, then before proceeding, an offer regarding the cost of any repairs will be communicated to the customer.

Handling fees may be applied.