Alkeria’s R&D team is focused on creating the best solution for your specific application. Our know-how ranges from light firmware customization to the most complex, brand-new image acquisition systems development. Whether you just need to implement your proprietary algorithm on board the camera or you are a large company looking for an OEM partner to develop the image acquisition system for your device, our expertise is at your disposal to achieve your business goals.

Soft customization

From standard to custom

full custom

Our R&D team is at your disposal for various customization options on our standard camera range. Feel free to submit your request, we will do everything possible to make your Alkeria camera tailor-fit you. Alkeria does not charge for the customization of cameras: we will do that at no cost with a minimum commitment for a number of cameras, the amount of which depends on the complexity of the request. Please let us know your needs, and we’ll think of a solution.

Available customizations:

  • Custom design of camera housing and board shape
  • I/O and connectors customization
  • Special customer’s entry in camera flash
  • Porting of customer’s functions in FPGA and drivers
  • In-FPGA kernel filters and image pre-processing

Full custom development

Your vision, through vision.

Developing brand-new image acquisition solutions for new devices is still today the main activity of Alkeria’s R&D team. Complete, complex systems involving vision, motion, and processing, aimed to guarantee a performance and economic advantage to the customer, operating in the diagnostic, medical, or industrial field as well.

If you are a company with a solid vision and production forecast, looking to develop a new instrument involving vision, or wanting to improve your device’s performances and features, get in contact with us, we could be the solution you are looking for.

full custom2