NECTA series

NECTA line-scan USB3 cameras provide unrivaled scan speed and quick system integration.


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Line scan CMOS USB3 cameras

NECTA cameras provide unrivaled scan speed and quick system integration.
Ultra-fast acquisition rate, extremely reduced dimensions and rugged design make NECTA cameras suitable for the most demanding applications requiring automated visual inspection, industrial metrology, high performance sorting, spectrometry, and machine vision.

All our cameras are powered directly by the USB3 bus eliminating the need for external power adapters. USB 3.0 provides the most cost effective and widespread interface, pushing speed performances at the top.

Powerful on-board image processing

NECTA provides powerful on-board user-controlled image processing: AOI, independent LUTs, FPN (DSNU & PRNU), gamma correction, white balance, saturation, hue and black level offset calibration.

Versatile I/O

NECTA provides a versatile I/O interface to control external devices such as strobe lights, encoders, etc. 2 input lines with direct encoder interface, 2 output lines and 1 input/output (RS422, RS644 LVDS, LVTTL). Its multipurpose I/O connector provides user I/O, line/frame triggering and direct encoder interface.

Driver and Software

An easy-to-use set of software API is available, which allows developers to quickly produce fast and clean code both on Windows and Linux, supporting all major programming languages, such as Python, C#, VB, C++ in Visual Studio or QT environment.
Our Software Development Kit provided with NECTA S cameras, is fully compatible with Cognex VisionPro, MVTech Halcon, NI LabView and other major machine vision software for industrial application.

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NECTA accessories available upon request:

Please check the NECTA compatibility chart to choose the right lens adapter for your camera.

Recommended for:

Web and print inspection

Medical imaging


Custom applications



usb connettoreStandard USB 3 interface

Up to 5 Gbps USB3 interface allows easy interface to your PC, eliminating expensive framegrabbers and bulky cables.

tinyTiny rugged design

Small, ultra-lightweight, rugged aluminum machined high precision case allows maximum installation flexibility even in space constrained environments.

powerUltra-low power

Latest technology electronics achieves lowest power consumption ever (below 3W for all models).

shutterNew CMOS technology

AMS Dragster CMOS sensors, featuring 12 bit A/D converter, up to 8192 pixels, up to 95 Klines/s.

lutsTriple programmable Look-Up-Tables

Independent LUTs (one for each color) allow easy color thresholding, filtering and calibration for color-critical applications.

smartSmart data

Embedded timestamp, trigger counters, encoder position at line, latched input status and input change detection allow perfect image-to-real world pairing.

ioVersatile I/O

With 2 inputs and two outputs and 1 I/O, NECTA series offers unprecedented flexibility for interfacing to outer world signals: line/frame triggering, direct encoder readout and strobed lightening have never been so easy.


Technical specifications

Model N2K-7 N2K2-7 N2K2-7C N4K-3 N4K-7 N4K2-7 N4K2-7C N8K-3
Resolution 2048 2 x 2048 4096 2 x 4096 8192
Pixel size 7 µm x 7 µm 3.5 µm x 3.5 µm 7 µm x 7 µm 3.5 µm x 3.5 µm
Color / Mono Mono Color Mono Color Mono
Max Line Rate 95 kHz 47.6 kHz
Pixel Format MONO8, MONO16, RAW8, RAW16 MONO16, RAW16, YUV4:2:2, RGB24 MONO8, MONO16, RAW8, RAW16 MONO16, RAW16, YUV4:2:2, RGB24 MONO8, MONO16, RAW8, RAW16
A/D Conversion 9, 10, 11, 12 bits
Synchronization External trigger, software trigger
Shutter Control 2 µs ÷ 100ms
Readout Normal, ROI, binning, frame combiner, subsampling
Power Supply 3 W max, powered by USB3 interface
Inputs / Outputs 2 in (direct encoder interface), 2 out, 1 I/O (RS422, RS644 LVDS, LVTTL)
Lens Adapters Built-in baseplate, C-mount, F-mount
Interface USB3.2 Gen1x1
Weight 96 g (without additional lens adapters)
Size 56 mm x 56 mm x 19 mm
Conformity CE, RoHS, FCC, IC
Controls Shutter, saturation, gamma correction, black level offset calibration, white balance
Awaiba BW Awaiba Color
Sensor specifications (b/w and color) are extracted from the data sheet of the manufacturer excluding lens and filter.
Necta dimensions

All dimensions are expressed in millimeters.
Camera specifications are subject to change without notice.