Application areas

Every professional process and action needs control, efficiency, precision.
At Alkeria, we focus on developing the right camera for every application in which vision is involved.

Web and print inspection

Preventing problems earlier in the production cycle, monitoring the flow and detecting issues on different material surfaces help raising today’s industry quality standards.

Medical imaging

Today’s medicine depends on superior imaging for better and earlier diagnoses and real time monitoring of medical procedures.

Pick and place

Vision systems lead a critical role in the pick and place process. Smarter integration, custom solutions and topmost reliability become mandatory for modern manufacturing.


Full traceability, top level inspection and production monitoring directly affect human lives in pharmaceutical industry. Only the best vision systems and technology are allowed in this field.

3D scan

From robotic control to quality and quantity surveys, from medical to entertainment area, 3D scanning is today a required practice in which vision takes a primary role.

Anything special?

Alkeria’s R&D team is focused on finding the solution for every new idea, unique challenge or unsolved matter you may encounter in the vision world.