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Welcome to CELERA One celera p grad

Alkeria, Italian machine vision camera manufacturer, is pleased to announce CELERA One P as a new addition to the polarization camera series, next to CELERA P.

Based on the single USB3 interface of the CELERA One cameras, CELERA One P gives the possibility to performing inspection processes with the same quality and features of CELERA P but in a convenient package.

With a 5 megapixels polarization Sony Pregius™ IMX 264 sensor, CELERA One P, gets rid of all external polarizing filters thanks to the unique array of polarizer filters overlaid on top of the sensor's pixel array, combining the ease-of-use of the Alkeria USB3 cameras with the advanced capabilities of polarization imaging and unique FusionView feature.

CELERA One P can execute polarization detection directly on-board, without overloading the computer, thanks to its powerful FPGA architecture.

With the special polarization filter array applied on the sensor, each “superpixel” can acquire 4 different polarization angles simultaneously. Based on the information acquired from these four channels, a special interpolation algorithm computes data for all the in-between angles, as if a rotating polarizer had been put in front of a plain monochrome camera. This measure is the key to deriving complex parameters such as the Degree of Linear Polarization (DoLP), an estimate of the polarization coherency of the light, and the Angle of Linear Polarization (AoLP), an estimate of the polarization angle.

Since monochrome video format is not suitable to visualize AoLP and DoLP information simultaneously, we developed an advanced feature for our cameras: the FusionView feature. FusionView is a unique feature available only on Alkeria’s polarization cameras: it maps AoLP on the Hue component of the HSV color space and DoLP on the Saturation component, giving an intuitive preview of these properties of light.

CELERA One P is equipped as standard with a C-mount lens adapter, also F-mount lens adapter is availble on request.


  • AoLP: Angle of Light Polarization
  • DoLP: Degree of Light Polarization
  • Stokes parameters
  • Virtual polarization angle (derived through dedicated algorithm)
  • Parallel independent video streams from the same RAW image
  • 4 polarization angles detected for each superpixel
  • Reflections reduction algorithm


CELERA One celera p grad model
 Sensor SONY Pregius™ IMX 264
 Resolution 5 MP – 2464×2056
 Pixel size 3.45 × 3.45 µm2
 Frame rate 35 fps
 Color option Mono 
 ADC 12 bits 
 Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 










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