Since 2004 we design and manufacture high-performance machine vision cameras for scientific and industrial applications. We have more than 20 years of expertise and knowledge in developing top-of-the-line devices for digital image acquisition and motion control.

With an unrivaled experience in motor control and synchronization, smart triggers, and multi-I/O capabilities, Alkeria is the answer to your vision demands.

History started with OEM projects for special applications and to be continued keeping our focus on customers and what they really need.


Products created with end users in mind: cameras designed for and with our customers, aiming to top performances. Motor control and synchronization, smart triggers, and multi-I/O: merging imaging and action to create products with ultimate quality and integration capabilities. That’s our Imaginaction!


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USB3 Machine Vision cameras

With the newest CMOS sensors getting every day faster and more efficient common interfaces such as GigE have become limited and unable to fully exploit most of their capabilities. Thanks to its high performance and ease of use, USB3 has been chosen as the best solution for Alkeria cameras.

Cost-effective, wide-spread, high data speed transfer, plug&play, directly powered by the PC. All of these perks make USB3 the right choice for cameras intended to be ready out-of-the-box. 


Dual-USB3 Interface

When just one USB3 is not enough
Faster and most performant CMOS sensors today may require even more bandwidth when used in critical, highly demanding applications. That was the request we found a solution for, with a unique technology: a dual-USB3 interface.

Here’s CELERA, our flagship and the first machine vision camera with a dual-USB3 interface ever, awarded with a Silver Vision Systems Design Innovators Award in Automate Chicago in 2017.

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People behind cameras

In every single Alkeria camera, you can find the passion of our team.

Consistent and direct sales & customer support, free SDK for Windows and Linux with an extensive and user-friendly interface to control the camera, ever-growing compatibility with the most common vision libraries and total focus on the customer needs. This is what makes Alkeria different.

Our long-time experience with OEM projects continues today with our cameras. Extensive customization capabilities to tailor-fit our cameras to customers’ needs, or to design and produce brand-new devices for medical and industrial applications.

Alkeria, not just a standard company.

Our Quality Process

Reliability is a key value in Alkeria: we operate according to meticulous quality criteria, with full traceability of every component of our products. We know everything about each camera we deliver so that you can be sure you will never find any problems, just solutions.

Dedicated support

We take support service very seriously. We know that every application is unique and standard products have to be tailored to their specific environment: that’s why we spend a lot of effort in providing the best support experience possible to our customers.