We design and manufacture high-performance Machine Vision cameras for scientific and industrial applications.
All of our cameras are equipped with a USB3 interface, used both for the data stream and power supply.

Our products can be used in many application fields, mainly in those Machine Vision applications where great efficiency and precision are requested.
To know more about it, visit the Application Areas page.

By browsing our Products page you can find all our cameras and accessories. Each camera family then has a dedicated page where you can get all the information, specifications, and available models together with technical documents and drawings.

Each Alkeria camera model is equipped with an advanced I/O interface, thus allowing one to communicate with external devices both in input and output.
Thanks to this interface, in fact, it's possible to trigger camera acquisition as well as to directly control external devices (e.g. lighting or strobes).

Yes, it is. Through the I/O interface it's possible to sinchronize acquisition for multiple cameras, using just one trigger source.
To know more about this topic, you can refer to related Application note.

To get the most out of our cameras, we designed and developed a complete set of accessories, fully tested and certified, to be used in the most challenging environments.
You can choose among aluminum lens mount adapters, industrial-grade USB3 and I/O cables with locking screws, Machine Vision lenses, and high-performance USB3 controllers.

Alkeria does not produce Machine Vision lenses directly.
However, we can provide our customers with a selection of high-quality lenses, tested and certified to be used with our cameras.

Alkeria cameras do not provide an autofocus feature, since they are designed to work best with fixed focal and fixed focus lenses.

We created for our cameras a range of universal lens adapters, fully compatible with the most common lens mount on the market.
Solid, high precision machined rugged aluminum construction, fits perfectly your Alkeria camera. Available for F-mount, C-mount, or S-mount lenses.
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Camera cases are not included in the Alkeria accessories catalog.

USB3 Gen2 1x1 interface has been chosen as the standard interface for Alkeria cameras for many reasons:

  • very high data transfer rate (up to 5 Gb/s);
  • low latency
  • low CPU usage, thanks to onboard image pre-processing;
  • extremely common interface, affordable, and easy to find
  • standardized communication protocols between hardware and software;
  • Plug&Play ready;
  • power supply through the interface.

While USB3 refers only to the physical interface, USB3 Vision is a standard created by the most relevant Machine Vision companies. This standard defines the interface, as well as cables, connectors, and controllers.

Switching from different interfaces is usually a complex task: it needs time and resources to integrate new devices into the system, However, it could be a good solution in some cases, like system interfaces become obsolete and difficult to find (es. FireWire), or maintenance costs are higher than the integration costs of a new system.
If you are considering switching to USB3 cameras, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: we are at your disposal to answer your questions and find together the solution that best suits your needs.

The two main technologies on which image sensors are based are CMOS and CCD.
However, CMOS technology made huge leaps forward in the last few years, reaching CCD performance with much lower costs.
Compared to CCD, CMOS sensors have higher acquisition speed, higher resolution using less power, as well as a better quantum efficiency.

To ensure a strong connection, and avoid data loss, USB3 cables have to have three properties: a screw-lock feature; a proper cable size; excellent EMI shielding.
Industrial-grade USB3 cables provided by Alkeria meet all these requirements, allowing you to get always the best performances out of your cameras.
To know more about Alkeria USB3 cables, please visit the Accessories page.

No. All Alkeria cameras are powered directly from a USB3 interface.
To know more about the camera power supply, please download the camera manual from the Manual page, and read the related section.

NECTACELERA, and CELERA One cameras can be fitted with both C and F-mount lens adapters. However, mounting C-mount lenses on certain NECTA models could bring some limitations in the field of view: in fact, C-mount aperture is narrower than some sensors' length, so the image frame will not cover the entire sensor area.
This means that you have the possibility to install both lens adapters: however, to have greater performance, we suggest you follow this compatibility chart to choose the right adapter for your model.
ARIA has dedicated lens mount adapters.