Could you help me to understand your product codes?

Alkeria has various camera series in its product line: each series has several models, with different resolutions, color modes, and accessories.
To identify a specific model version, Alkeria uses an internal codename system that allows describing every camera specification with a unique code.
Understanding how this code works can be useful to our customers both to identify correctly a camera and to request information or order from our sales department.
Every camera code is composed of three parts: camera model, color option, and lens adapter.

  • Camera model. This is the first and main part: it includes the camera series and information about sensors like resolution, manufacturer, or number of lines (speaking of NECTA cameras).
  • Color option. The second part, separated by a hyphen, defines the sensor color option for each camera model. In our product line, we use different sensor families, most of them available in color, monochrome, or Near-Infra-Red (NIR) mode.
  • Lens adapter. The last part of the code indicates which lens adapter the camera is equipped with.
    It’s the only part that can be omitted, in case you’re choosing a camera without any additional lens adapters.

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