Alkeria is pleased to announce a new format for its board level camera series.
ARIA, the smallest and lightest camera in Alkeria’s product range, will be now available with a full housing format, in addition to its original board level layout.

Entirely made in anodized aluminum, machined from solid, the back cover is coupled to the front lens mount adapter to completely enclose the camera board, protecting it from dust.
While protecting the camera from external environment, this configuration also increases thermal dissipation capabilities of the camera.
This new format is compatible with the entire ARIA cameras product line, allowing our customers to have even more configurations available: ARIA is now available in board-level format, without any lens adapter; with C-mount or S-mount lens adapters only; equipped with a complete housing, formed by back cover and the chosen lens mount adapter.

Like the rest of Alkeria’s cameras, ARIA features USB3 interface: furthermore, this new format makes screw-lock connector cables available for ARIA cameras too.


aria c closed 3 4 aria c closed 3 4 2 ARIA closed side
aria c closed back 3 4 2 aria c closed back ARIA closed back


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