Creating a new space for discussion about vision technologies, requires a lot of efforts. Alkeria decided to take up the challenge: together with AIdAM · Italian Association of Mechatronic Automation, ANIE Automazione and many other industry leaders, we are proud to announce the first SmartVision Forum.

You're all invited to Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna on June 25, to share with you our Vision about the future.


Smart Vision Forum
Smart Vision Forum is organized by Messe Frankfurt Italia and sponsored by AIdAM e ANIE Automazione. It will take place on June 25, 2019 in the "Sala Maggiore" of Bologna Congressi.

This event is free, and participation gives Trainig credits for Engineers and Industrial Technicians.

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The even will opens with a plenary speech helded by academic and industrial representative, continuing with sessions about vision technologies and application.

Alkeria keynote

"Camera Tips’n’Tricks: how to solve complex problems with basic features" - Gianni Valenti
11:00 Ciano Room, Application session.

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Smart Vision Forum is even an exhibition, where leading companies in the sector will show their latest technologies about vision systems.
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Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna is just 10 minutes from central train station.

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SVF19 pdf speech

As machine vision cameras developer and manufacturer, very often, in our daily work, we see simple problems solved using complicated systems.
Our customers ask us more and more often to implement custom solutions in their systems, to solve issues that can be overcome by using basic camera functions, in an easier and cheaper way.
We'll focus on that topic: talking about real cases, we'll show how it's possible to fix most common problems without using "extreme" solution, but only basic camera functionalities.

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