The new Alkeria website is live

Back to work, together.

At a time when the internet helps us stay close, Alkeria is proud to introduce you the new website: with new graphics and brand new contents, it’s designed to offer a completely new user experience. 

We've decided to create a webspace that is like our cameras: easy to use and fully-featured.

Many new features are readily available through all digital platforms, from desktop computers to smartphones and touchscreen tablets.
This new portal is designed to provide users with all relevant information regarding Alkeria products, development and support services, all just a click away.

Our new website has been updated with completely new contents and redesigned graphics: this allowed us to strengthen our web presence, creating a space that is comprehensive and easy to use.
Soon then, we will add to the website completely new sections with exclusive contents, created to give our customers useful informations and free resources, to deepen the knowledge of machine vision field.

All these improvements have been made in order to clearly communicate our corporate mission and to encourage the best use of our services.

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