LIRA Board Camera

LIRA board camera is a small and flexible device, providing uncompressed high-resolution images and videos.

LIRA family

LIRA board camera is small and flexible, providing uncompressed high-resolution images and videos, with maximum adaptability to any available space; given its impressive image quality and reliable design, LIRA is perfect for industrial, machine-vision and medical imaging applications.
The remote sensor head can also be assembled together with the board if needed. These two mounting options let the camera match tight space requirements for any kind of application.
Lira cameras are powered directly by the USB3 bus eliminating the need for external power adapters adapters with the most cost effective and widespread interface, pushing speed performances at the top.

Designed and developed specifically to the OEM market, LIRA is an open platform for custom designed integrations and on-board operations. A starting point for deep on-board calculation and custom operations, LIRA will be the best partner for your project.

Lira’s complete set of image controls and the TripleLUT feature available on Lira camera series provide powerful onboard image processing, leveraging PC applications from heavy computation.
LIRA cameras provide real-time image capture for time-critical applications, various triggering modes as well as different hardware and software sources. The general purpose multi-IO connectors feature 6 inputs and 6 outputs.

An easy-to-use set of software API is available which allows developers to quickly produce fast and well readable code on Windows (VC++/C#/VB.Net) and Linux (C++).

In order to comply to earlier solutions, LIRA still can be adapted to Firewire™ technology with the same sensor and mounting options.



usb connettoreUSB3 interface

Up to 5GBps USB3 interface allows easy interface to your PC, eliminating expensive framegrabbers and bulky cables.

remoteRemote Head

Space-savings remote sensor head allows maximum installation flexibility in legacy analog camera replacement.

sony ccdSony CCD Sensor

All LIRA cameras use SONY CCD sensors, world renowed highest quality components for machine vision.

palette14 bit A/D Conversion

Low noise front-end design, 14 bit A/D conversion and high bit depth data path guarantee natural shades, smooth color tones and sharper detail reproduction.

lutsTriple 16 bits Programmable LUTs

Independent LUTs (one for each color) allow easy color thresholding, filtering and calibration for color-critical applications.

I/O12 Programmable I/O

With 6 inputs and 6 outputs, LIRA series offers unprecedented flexibility for interfacing to outer world signals: fast triggering, synchronization and flash strobing have never been so easy.

tinyFits everywhere

LIRA camera series has been developed specifically to comply to the most critical demands of the machine vision market in terms of integration and connectivity.


Technical specifications

Sensor Type ICX424 ICX445 ICX274 ICX415 ICX414 ICX655
Sensor Size 1 / 3 " 1 / 1.8 " 1 / 2 " 2 / 3 "
Cell Size 7.4 µm x 7.4 µm 3.75 µm x 3.75 µm 4.40 µm x 4.40 µm 8.3 µm x 8.3 µm 9.9 µm x 9.9 µm 3.45 µm x 3.45 µm
Image Size 652 x 490 1292 x 962 1624 x 1232 768 x 576 652 x 490 2452 x 2054
Color / Mono Color Mono Color Mono Color Mono Color Mono Color Mono Color Mono
Interface USB3
A/D Conversion 14 bit per pixel
Video Modes RGB 24 bit, YUV 4:2:2, Mono 8, Mono 16
Max FPS at full resolution 62 fps 23 fps 15 fps 52 fps 62 fps 9 fps
Controls Brightness, contrast, sharpness, shutter (auto/man), gain, saturation*, hue*, white balance* (auto/man), gamma
Shutter Control 100 µs to 4 sec, 100 µs per step
Synchronization Single shot (trigger mode 0 and mode 1), free-run
Gain Control 0 to 21 dB
LUT Up to 3 16 bits programmable LUTs*, 1 16 bits LUT
Inputs / Outputs 6 general purpose inputs, 6 general purpose outputs (also available as trigger inputs or sync outputs)
IR Filter Cut-off 700 nm (optional)
Lens Adapter C-Mount standard
Power Supply Direct via USB3 cable (max power 3 W), no external supply required

* Controls available only for color sensor models.

dimensions necta

All dimensions are expressed in millimeters.
Camera specifications are subject to change without notice.